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What to wear to your photo session/Clothing Choices:


Baby-bump/Maternity Photo Session

I find that a white and/or a black thin strap tank-top worn with black yoga type pants work great for the baby-bump session. I often have moms bring in their favorite tops or their significant other's favorite top. They then wear these tops for some of the photos, i.e. Red Sox jersey, Celtics jersey, army jacket, man's button front shirt, etc..



For babies under 6 months of age, less is best. Nothing at all or simply a diaper works best. However, if you have a favorite outfit that you wouldl ike to see your baby photographed wearing, please feel free to bring that along as well.



For little boys, simple denim overalls always look great on them in photographs. For older boys, go with solid color, long sleeve polo shirts, button up, solid color shirts along with jeans or khakis. Another option is to layer a button up over a solid tee. Little girls look darling in soft, flowing dresses as well as in tunics with jeans or leggings. We want the focus to be on the faces, not on the clothing. We encourage you to bring multiple clothing choices. If you are in doubt, bring it and we will decide in the studio. We also offer the use of our many costumes, hats and articles of clothing from the Studio dressing room.


Family Portraits

It is best to try to coordinate your outfits. For example, everyone wears denim, khaki, black, brown, i.e. semi-coordinated, darker colors on the lower half with shades of blue, burgundy, gray, black or tops or turtlenecks on the top. Please try to keep with the same color hues and tones as we want the focus to be your faces and not your clothes. We encourage everyone to wear long sleeves. We discourage short skirts as they can make posing difficult. We are happy to help you coordinate your outfits prior to your photo session. If in doubt, please bring your final choices on hangers and we will help you decide at your photo session.


Business Head Shot Photo Session

For an “Business Head shot’ photo session, I recommend that you wear something that you would wear for work. I encourage you to bring several clothing choices. Females, bringing several different necklaces/accessories is an easy way to change the look. Bringing different tops and/or jackets is always a good idea as well. Males, if you wear a suit or sports coat for work, please wear/bring some for your photo session. It is also a good idea to bring another jacket, a different color shirt and a few different color ties. Please note that most head shot photo sessions are just that: photographing just the upper part of the body.


High School Yearbook

We meet prior to your session to discuss what you want from your session. At this meeting, we also go over clothing choices as well as possible prop ideas and locations.


Sports Photography

Sports Montage bring all your gear. This includes any uniform, any sports equipment, etc... such as your team hat or helmet, football, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, soccer ball, lacrosse stick, baseball bat, tennis racket, dance shoes and costumes, etc. The more you bring with you to your photo session, the more we will have to choose from.